What exactly is uplighting?

Uplighting is when lighting fixtures are used at various points in a room, typically around the perimeter, to create ambiance and depth.
These lights are situated discreetly on the floor and they project light upwards on a wall or object, creating a pillar effect of lights.
This type of effect or mood lighting can be done in any color, tying room design and different spaces like the cake table, head table,
and dance floor, together in a nice and sustainable way.

A popular choice among event professions for uplighting are LED lights. These are also deemed the safest since they put off little heat
in comparison to how brightly they shine. In addition, with wireless uplighting there is no concern of someone tripping over wires or
having unsightly wires taped to the floor.

One of the appeals of uplighting is that you can select different colors for any combination that you want.
Whether you prefer a moody deep purple or sultry deep amber, the color options are endless.

Why choose uplighting for your event?

Looking to add to your event decor or to transform a boring space into something magical? Uplighting, one of the fast growing trends in today’s event industry, may be just what you’re looking for!

These lights can give a facelift to a room by hiding imperfections or adding color and light. It can also direct attention to an area or object. But more frequently, uplighting is used to add to the feeling, theme, or color scheme of an event.

Great uplighting can make even more generic spaces look special!

But why should a you care about the lights in the room? It’s the wow factor. The presentation. The enhancement of the venue’s architecture to ultimately give a better experience while providing a certain atmosphere to the event.

Ask us about our uplighting service, supplied either with or without our DJ entertainment service.

12 Uplights – Basic/Minimum Package (Good coverage for Small room, Decent coverage for medium room). Most Common: 4 lights along the front wall, 4 lights along the back wall, 2 lights on each side wall.

18 Uplights* – Full coverage for Smaller room (<150 ppl), Good Coverage for Medium sized rooms (150-250). Most Common: 6 Lights across each long wall, 3 on each side wall.

24+ Uplights – Maximum coverage for small/medium sized rooms, decent coverage for large rooms. Most common: 6 Lights along each wall.