Music Bingo

Music and bingo – two classics that have entertained generations.
But what if I told you there’s a way to combine these timeless favourites into an experience that’s as unique as it is thrilling?
Enter Music Bingo, a modern twist on the traditional game that adds melody, rhythm and videos to every call.

What does a music bingo event look like?

Unlike traditional bingo, in Music Bingo, numbers are replaced by songs accompanied by music videos.

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Before you embark on your musical bingo journey, we create playlists filled with tracks spanning different genres and eras. This way we can tailor the experience to the audience’s musical tastes.
As players join the game, we provide them with their bingo cards and daubers. These cards will have titles of songs instead of numbers. Each player gets a unique music bingo card.
As the music plays, the guests will listen keenly. When a song matches a title on their bingo card, they mark it off.

Just like in classic bingo, the first player to complete a predetermined pattern – be it a line, a diagonal, or even a full house – calls out “Bingo!”
We check to see whether or not they have correctly identified the songs to see if it was a “true bingo” or not.

Rewarding the Winners: Celebrate the winners with applause and, of course, rewards! Prizes could range from gift cards to custom trophies; or you could even offer them a free drink at the bar!
Music Bingo brings people together through a symphony of entertainment. With Music Bingo, we have the power to host an event that marries the thrill of bingo with the joy of music.
And the best part is, that guests do not have to be music experts, as all of the song titles are revealed towards the end of each 30 second song clip and encourages socializing at your next event.

So contact us before your next party so that we can discuss the fun and excitement of music bingo!